Arthur: The Sword in the Stone is a movie created, directed, and screenwritten by Sci100. It is being produced by The Sci100 Studios and Productions and features mulitple actors.

It is based on the Arthurian Legends, espically the story about Arthur releasing the Sword in the Stone.
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Years ago... the king Uther Pendragon battled the vicious Saxons from Germany. In his battle, he used the blade to wound the king, Gorlois. This battle would give the kingdom riches and peace for ages to come. However, Uther decided he needed no sword, and thus placed the sword in a stone.

Years later, Uther would get a son, Arthur. However, since his mother is secretly the wife of Gorlois, his enemy, he is an illegitimate child. Uther is forced to give him to Merlin, who decides that Sir Ector shall raise the child. Uther goes into a coma for 10 years then.

Arthur grows up , who as time grows, is forced to be a servant to Sir Ector and his child, Kay. However, Merlin arrives and tells Ector that a grave darkness is growing in Camelot and the sword of Uther must be released. Ector dismisses it, and Merlin retreats back into the mountains.

Arthur overhears this conversaton and tells his friends Lancelot and Guinevere about it. At that moment, the Black Knight arrives in the village and burns it down with Gorlois's men. Ector, Kay, and Arthur and friends survive and Ector goes to pull the sword out.

Arthur decides to take things into his own hands, and he and his friends leave the village to find the mystical Merlin, who is living in the mountains.


TBA as Arthur Pendragon - future King of Camelot

TBA as Lancelot - friend of Arthur and future knight

TBA as Guinevere - friend of Arthur and Lanceot, future maid

TBA as Merlin - the wizard

TBA as Uther Pendragon - King of Camelot, father of Arthur

TBA as Lady Igraine - wife of Gorlois, wife of Pendragon, mother of Arthur

TBA as King Gorlois - Enemy of Arthur and Uther.

TBA as Lady of the Lake - lover of Merlin and future ally of Arthur

TBA as Aurelius Ambrosius - brother of Uther, traitor and ally of Gorlois

TBA as the Black Knight - Second in Command of Gorlois

TBA as Sir Ector - foster father of Arthur

TBA as Kay - foster brother of Arthur

TBA as Morgause - Arthur's secret sister


The Sword in the Stone - the end of the film





  • This idea came up while Sci was looking for a mythical movie
  • This movie is the first movie in The Sci100 Studios and Productions
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